The unbearable weight

Whenever someone suddenly sick died, many middle-aged and older people are always so exclamation.

Whenever someone suddenly sick died, many middle-aged and older people are always so exclamation.
Feel sad for the loss of one's kind.Unknown Author All beings grieve for their fellow beings. Human life is so beautiful, is so fragile. Whenever this time, people have always had finished today not tomorrow.
Because the odds, wife under the last week of five one gas ran back home. He called, he was father know. My father asked me, what time to pick her up. I said, no, don't answer, she would never come. And let him stay out of it. Then, I hang up the phone.
I thought my father was as usual, persuade even. Who knows, yesterday he was a person went to our school. I asked him what he was doing, he said to see grandson. In fact, she is watching my wife have returned home. I think, if my wife did not come back,ppkee he would have forced me to get her back.
Did not see what things, my father told me about some situation at home (because I did not go home for half a month, before is every Sunday home). He suddenly dim a voice said to me: "Grandpa Zong Gui was going to die?" Father said I was scared. One is the Zong GUI grandpa still young, just over fifty, and the first half of his complexion is so good; father, brother and I on the other hand, has been suffering from the same disease Zong GUI grandpa.
Although I have to guess the Zong GUI grandpa should be the kind of attack are going to die, but I still asked: "it is what disease?" Find out what you need to watch out Father answer no to my surprise. Then again, the father said to me: "this have what drug, you must drink." Then, we went into a brief silence.
Today, I suddenly thought, his father yesterday may not only is the arrival yesterday I want so simple. But, fortunately, our husband and wife two people and not to let her down. See,pricotti he comes back is satisfied.
But, my heart is sour. Father's arrival, is clearly want me to maintain a good, cherish good, although still poor, but everything is safe. But we are always those trivial things and make life loses some of the quiet, do not enjoy life now in the heart of the impetuous. So always let him make some unnecessary worry about (not necessary).
Yes, my father has nearly sixty years of age, for life is so, he will be more sensitive than we. Therefore,chrysanthemum the good life time to cherish, he must also pay attention to more than us.

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