Biomass energy development forecast

At present, China has long been engaged in a number of biomass energy conversion technology research and development of science and technology personnel, already preliminary formed with Chinese characteristics biomass research and development system, the conversion and utilization technology of biomass energy in theory and practice has been extensively studied, performed a number of high level research results, some technology has formed industrialization, for the further research and development, Solar Panel Supplier and lay a good foundation. From the use of biomass energy technology research and development combined with our existing technical level and actual situation, China's biomass energy application technology will be mainly in the following several aspects of the development of.

One, efficient direct combustion technology and equipment

The population of over 12 hundred million, the majority living in the vast rural areas and small towns. Their life energy is still the main method of direct burning. The remainder of straw, straw pine save materials, Solar Module Manufacturer dab6d25ck it is rural dweller 's main energy, research and development of high efficient combustion furnace, improves the thermal efficiency, will continue to be important issues should be resolved. The rapid rise of township enterprises, not only to promote rural economic development, and accelerating the fossil energy, especially coal consumption, so the development of township enterprises in transformation of coal equipment ( such as the boiler), using biomass to replace coal in future research development should occupy a space for one person.

Turn loose agricultural and forestry residues were crushing processing, processing to form a shaped fuel, combined with special technology and equipment development, in our country will have a large market prospect, family and greenhouse heating using granulated fuels, promotion application job, Office Furniture Manufacturers will be the research and development of biomass briquette hot.

Two, intensive and comprehensive development and utilization of

Biomass energy, especially the firewood is not only good for the energy, but also can be used to produce charcoal, charcoal, wood vinegar and other chemical raw materials. Large fast-growing fuel forest base construction, for the industrialization of comprehensive development and utilization of wood energy provided rich raw material. Because our country economy grows ceaselessly, promoted rural dispersed residents gradually is centered to town, for centralized gas supply, improve energy use efficiency provides a realistic possibility. The future should be according to the centralized residential population much, build power plants, chemical conversion to biomass produced gas collection, purification, transported to the residents of the home as a fuel, thermal efficiency and improve the living standards of residents. The comprehensive development and utilization of biomass energy intensive, Office furniture desk choice can solve problem of energy consumption, but also through the factory's production of chemical products to create a good economic benefits, but also to provide employment opportunities for rural surplus labor force. Therefore, from the ecological environment and energy point of view, establish energy forest base, implementation of the " forest " is combined with the project, the feasible development direction.

Rural rich straw resources, a large number of straw was abandoned and burn directly in the field, not only cause a lot of biomass waste also brought serious pollution to the atmosphere. Therefore, using renewable biomass high efficiency of transformation in the future there will be better development prospect.

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