receives machine radiation

The wireless network receives machine radiation
The intelligent degree of "Ceng net card" is more high and search scope more big, its power also more big, endangering to the human body may be also more big.The wireless network receives a machine to adopt the low radiation high intelligent degree thunder to traverse 3070 chips, radiation will after complicated craft processing,DVB-T TUNER the radiation will get an effective control.The thunder traverses 3070 chips to have a graveness in this aspect breakthrough, control in the human body healthily safe scope.Thunder's traversing 3070 chips is more opposite than Ralink 8187 Ls its radiation at together the power net reduce under the card%82, the radiation is Redltek 8187 Ls of%18.It radiates an equal to cellular phone of%36.

The core chip pays the skill auto examination function, biggest swallow to vomit quantity can reach to a 150 Mbpses, pay high classes, such as skill WPA, IEEE802.1 Xses, TKIP and AES...etc. to encrypt and macroscopic whole sex attestation mechanism in the world, can provide a safe guarantee for your wireless network conjunction.Wave segment:B|G|the N is perfect three repeatedly segment;DVB-T MPEG 4(The Redltek 8187 L supports B|G two repeatedly segment) the biggest baud rate can reach to 150 Mbpses;(Redltek the tallest 54 Mbpses of 8187 Ls) support 1.1| USB2.0s of USBs standard;Following the IEEE802.11 bses, IEEE802.11 gses and IEEE802.11 n wireless communication is standard;Support TCP|IP, NKIS3 and NDIS4, IPX and NetBEUI the communication negotiate to support two kinds of work modes:Order to revise to deliver speed to make the network conjunction quality Wu best appearance towards ordering mode and basic structure mode canning automatically;Plug-and-play, the convenience is fast;?The support wireless travels extensively function(Roaming);DVB T RECEIVERMany safe guarantees:Support wired etc. effect's encrypting(WEP) a technique, support WPA and WPA2 the attestations encrypt;Have to imitate AP function, support PSP conjunction mode;

The familiar wireless network encrypts everyone to know that WEP and WPA encrypts, the actually wireless network still has other different restriction methods for example bind settle IP, MAC filter, close DHCP etc., if the network linked contains this restriction, so which afraid the other party didn't encrypt, can not also get to the Internet on the conjunction.Judge a method:The wireless net card conjunction gets to the Internet net(have the importation to encrypt the correct password), can automatically obtain IP and get to the Internet as usual, mean that the other party only encrypts a kind of restriction,led home lighting if can not automatically obtain IP, or can not link, so mean that the other party may use this restriction.Can automatically obtain IP, have already connected to, but can not get to the Internet, may be the other party other restriction, for example the other party highest net fee etc..

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