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Beware of the diamond and the costumes, "collusion"
All diamonds inlaid in the way, the easiest and clothes, "collusion" is claw set diamond ring.Before you know itProng few advantages of a metal block of diamonds, a clear showing the beauty of diamonds, precious stones dazzling luster to any point of view is freshwater pearl from the shine, so that the diamond look bigger and brighter. But the shortcomings are obvious, metal claws allow easy dressing fabric hook wire. Therefore, the proposed purchase of claw set diamond ring, be sure to choose the production of fine metal claws, relatively mellow ring.
They kill you with the look of the "pigeon egg"
Read "stirred up" people will understand in the workplace, many casual details, but somehow often influence our development. Ring is no exception. A diamond ring overhangs the pigeon eggs, chestnut for the leadership of women in the workplace is perhaps the symbol of her position of authority, but if put on an ordinary white-collar workers, I golden south sea pearl believe the air around you will become very different. Note that diamond ring to wear on the job market style and size, is definitely not nothing good.
Who says you have to wear the ring on your finger?
In the "Sex and the City" as Carrie replaced Aiden engagement ring, but Carrie has always been unconventional it tied at the necklace, ingenuity achieved a unique pendant. If you have been self-proclaimed Fashion Icon, then it may also ponder on the wedding ring, in fact, diamond ring can be worn a variety of creative methods, such as the ring as brooches,pome528 earrings, necklaces and even navel jewelry, just add a little creativity and ingenuity, you and others are very different.
Ring also mix and match
Mix and match clothing fashion reflects a person's skill mix and match the ring the same. If you put the years only wear a ring, is indeed a lack of new ideas, then it may be another ring with the diamond ring to wear with that stack. Note that the different ring styles and colors of unity between,Writing & Typing Proficiency for example, is a platinum diamond ring if asked, then ring the other hand only proposal also choose cold color scheme. The ring is also necessary to distinguish between the primary and secondary, the other ring must be visually foil and set off a diamond ring, do not dominate.
Do jewellery manufacturers not let the rings "mistaken identity"
Ring is the language of love. Wearing different ring finger, meaning different, so, do not wear the wrong ring finger. Internationally popular argument is: do not wear rings, said "it has no main flowers." Index finger that want to get married, unmarried; middle finger that has been in love; ring finger that has engaged or married; little finger, said celibacy.
DNA intimate diamond tips
4C is to assess the basis of diamonds, of course, determines the value of diamonds. Including Cutting (cut), color (color), clarity (clarity) and the carat (carat).
Cutting diamonds cut refers to the shape of the original technology, now includes diamond symmetry, proportion and finish quality. 4C standard in some other three cases, the cut is good or bad, or even can affect theDiamond pricesAbout 40%. So cut the diamond's second life.
Clarity descending into: FL (Flawless) level, IF (internal flawless) level, VVS (minimal flaws) level, VS (micro-flaws) level, SI (small inclusions) level, P level (within containing material) level. Most diamonds are SI jewelry store over the "macroscopic flawless."
Color grade
Bring light into the diamond equivalent of a colorful light and the ability to form these colorful flashes of light reflecting off the prism. Therefore, the color of the diamond tahitian pearl the more shallow, meisha the stronger the color of the flash. Color class is divided into the following and other high to low - D Grade: complete colorless, the highest color grade, very rare. E Grade, F Grade: Colorless, belong to high-quality diamonds. G ~ H-and I ~ J-class: nearly colorless. K ~ M-and N ~ Z-level: the deeper the color, fire color is poor, not recommended.
Diamond drilling Keywords DNA share
Special Note
International certificate and non-international certificates biggest difference is that the global movement and direction of the objective cut GIA, HRD, etc. The reason why an international certificate of acceptance by the world jewelry industry, because quite neutral when assessing the diamond level. In addition, the standard round diamond 4C in the "cut", GIA certificate to their advantages and disadvantages from high to low into Excellent, VERY GOOD, GOOD, etc., at a glance, rather than an international certificate of cut basically missing marker This is really a need to strengthen.

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