person moment

"The love makes the person forget time, time also makes the person forget love".

I think really and so, at least believe later meeting so.

Time really can make the person dilute a lot of affairs,poly bag manufacturer every day at the affair changing can also make the person slowly thin to forget ever of recall.

I also slowly discover, originally thinking can not attain of calm, but now seems to be so calmly cools.Once thought, everything all will because you, I can not let go but make oneself heavy and unbearable.

The extremely conceited of youth, we need not make track for, we all come over like this of, the stories will let up somewhere of, ever and too was getting younger.

Before, I thought in spite of walk to where will have you of shadow.I just discover that everybody's life originally can not collide with each other.Such as have no mutually invite of day, we can also never meet, probably just wipe a shoulder and lead of fortune upon to can't exist, either.This isn't the accident, we were originally apart from far, difference after basically didn't live in the same place.Though, isn't an of the South pole and North Pole of faraway, also"unreachable".

The flower shadow that the night color moistens there is feeling and engrave bone and Ming heart to lead and no longer think of but bedew mutually for jewelryThe tears like that hasn't been worth of, if must want the drop to fall, I definitely hold up with my center of palm, will never bedew I ever our think of.Ever, have already seemed to be so a vicissitudes of life to have no dint in the in front of reality.Probably, we all understood, hence wry smile helplessly let go of to pass by.

Think of, while thinking that the head quarters stopped I.No one misses a person moment by moment of, I think, you are also similar.

You of think of, probably have already divided one part to the other people, probably in the future of a certain.

Once thought, as long as two people loved each other, none of everythings canned be the other party but change to is problem.hong kong restaurantsJust know afterwards, don't love each other and then can work out any problem, also have no who can completely change for the other party.And now, the life still keeps continuing, we didn't change, I am still me, you are still you, you also have no because of I but change, change just youthfully of years.Who say "two people loved each other can be the other party change of", I finally still can not believe.

Originally, it is thin to forget to also be just oneself to say to he or she.On carelessly touching to run into, the ache still keeps probably relapsing.After a period of time, just understand, those loves that once got into life can't easily be forgotten.I am understand, these distressing has been revolving around the at heart is all my skill to indulge of, I of cruel reason, harmed oneself, harmed you, is just that you break up time to be also always gentle and soft.Later on,wedding dresses I unexpectedly still expect that you will have echo, yes, you should not have echo, either, silent then your best echo.

The feeling has already become wound.Had better not meet.

If can, this love, I think a choice, a person, lose memory ……

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