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The road traffic safety management regulation has already hoped to pass

Paralleling park the charge can't re-appear "Gao Shu Da"

Evening newspaper the report way of reporter, Cai Zhi Jun, in Shenzhen 《Shenzhen economic special area road traffic safety management regulation 》four reviewed a draft to hand in city yesterday five people greatly often Wei will meeting deliberate for for the 11th time, already hope is passed.At four review a draft in, many focuses problems that widely are paid attention to are gradually explicit, if the wayside parks the car system, gives or gets an electric shock a bicycle limit to go system, direct claim power system at the time, have no certificate driver affairs responsibility the problem, generation drive a person service unit connect take an indemnification responsibility problem etc..

Parallel park a charge to want MrProduction House. to show

Here front 1, 2, 3 review in, wayside at the time parking charge the system have been certain, four review a draft to continue to reserve this system, need the perfect place lie in expenses to take and use how to inspect whom to the problem for carrying out.

Person of city big legal system committee chairman of committee Chen Di say while reporting review result, at four review the formation process of draft in, they in consideration of, Shenzhen once practiced a wayside to park the car the Mi form charge system at the time, the bad management is deeply denounced by citizen, therefore having a necessity to do to this is further perfect.

Four reviewed a draft to park the car system to mainly do a three point at the time to the wayside perfect:On being a temporary wayside parking lot to park vehicle to charge,bridgestonet heavy traffic road the segment or time use a temporary parking lot to park vehicle execution to account progressive charge system.This ex- wayside parked the car the rules of longer than two hours continuous fee to delete at the time.

Two is an expenses to take and use a circumstance should announce to the society annually.This rules will raise a wayside to park the car a charge at the time the clarity of management.

Three is the administrative dept. that the wayside parks the car management and charge from the city hall assurance at the time to is responsible for implementation, being responsible for the administrative dept. of implementation can entrust the organization of management public business that establishes by law concrete implementation.This means that the Mi form management company like"Gao Shu Da" can't re-appear.

It's lenient with offenders to give or get an electric shock a bicycle limit to go

Give or get an electric shock bicycle to forbid line still limit go a problem,MotoGPbe subjected to citizen strong concern.According to four review a draft, forbid to go a problem have been nonexistent, left a limit to go a problem.The citizen go system to pay attention to 2:00 to the limit:One is a limit to go if the system has a necessity;Two is the scope that is free from a limit to go the special vehicle of check and supervision how define.Four review a draft now the problem did to modify further perfect, and authorize a city hall establishment concrete way.

At four review a draft in, explicit first go in the particular district, road segment and time limit is necessary.These limits go vehicle to include motorcycle and dynamoelectric bicycle, electric cell car and other non- automobiles.

Secondly explicit through grant and issue the special vehicle of appropriation sign can unlimited line.This front of the review draft Be limited to to the special vehicle the Jing is used vehicle and been engaged in postal service, express delivery and municipal services, Mr. is used the vehicle that the facilities rushes to repair homework business, this rules at four review a draft have already been deleted, is not limited to go of the electricity bicycle scope have already hoped extension.

Go to this, give or get an electric shock bicycle management the way stipulate as follows:City public security official the organization transportation management section can go through a condition and dilimit district, road segment and time according to the road, restriction motorcyclewireless keyboards and drives on road of dynamoelectric bicycle, electric cell car and other non- automobiles, but through city public security official organization transportation management the section grant and issue the vehicle of appropriation sign excepted.The concrete way is drawn up by the another line of city hall

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