Action lucky talisman

Why Fortunately always frequently hit the jackpot? Why the lucky person always in a predicament to coincidence and elegant? Why the lucky people who is always in a dilemma to make the right choice?

A team of researchers, three years,shiftsd more than 400 volunteers, summed up their differences in thinking and action, which is actually causing them fortunate or unfortunate secret.

There are a housewife very lucky, because she can always win a variety of raffle. What is her secret? That is, she participated in a considerable number of lottery.

Week she attended about 60 by mail to participate in the raffle, and held about 70 kinds of online sweepstakes. Every attempt, her chance of winning. She said: "I am a lucky, but luck is on their own to create."

shiftsdThis can not help but think of another story: every day, a man very devout to pray to God to let him in 5,000,000, but ... straight did not realize. He saw God cry: "God, I am so devout, why do not I 500-million?" God cried: "I also want you 5 million, whatever the outcome, you buy a Note Lottery ah! "

In fact, thebeecm lucky and the average person does not have any difference in the chance of winning on just lucky person action more, their chance of winning will increase.

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