Much like having your desk organised

Organise - Make sure your work space is uncluttered and comfortable. Some tasks may require many hours of careful reading, harryboy so ensuring your desk is organised and tidy will go some way to helping you through the process.

Outline - Work out what you need to accomplish before you actually begin. This will also help you with your organising and help you to feel more confident when you are eventually ready to start your work.

Facts - In most proofreading tasks you are likely to encounter facts and figures and it will be important to ensure that they are accurate,meisha not just in general but throughout the piece of work you are reading.

Rushing - There may be times when you have to achieve things quickly but rushing is the first step on the slippery slope to making lots of errors and handing back a piece of work that is simply incomplete and still riddled with mistakes.

Environment - Much like having your desk organised to help you think more clearly, your whole working environment should be considered.jkcactus236If it's too dark you will end up with eye strain, if it's too hot, you will get tired more quickly.

Application - There will be plenty of new techniques to learn as you embark on a proofreading career and the correct application of these techniques will certainly make the learning process much smoother.

Deadlines - There will always be deadlines,eanut so give yourself enough time so that you are not up against it and find yourself having to rush.

Illustrations - You will encounter lots of text on your journey but you will also see lots of illustrations, diagrams and graphics and you will need to make sure that they are all consistent with each other.

Numbers - Whether they are written in numeric form (3) or word form (three),laodie20 it will be your job to ensure that it is consistent throughout the piece you are reading.

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