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Power purchase and pay attention to, different power supply applies and different, and the power to support power and maximum load limit. For example, data centers, large-scale electricity, still using our civil ordinary power, this is not applicable. To know the data center such as large electricity is a professional electrical standard, either from a security perspective but also from power standard angle, absolutely can not use ordinary civilian power.

According to the current market demand, Viribright LED globe lamp dab8d29ck rack mounted power distribution unit will gradually enter the market. To a large extent safety is very high, but it may have a single function. Here one might say, " a power distribution unit don't give it too much, as long as can protect their electrical equipment safety can ".

Before I think so, but since the contact of the security, to power a new understanding. The author thought is a small electric power distribution unit also can pass the remote technology management, so as to realize the opening of electric equipment, close and restart operations.

Believe in the work with the server about you, will be the electric equipment to crash or broken machine phenomenon plagued by some friends, I also engaged in the server hosting the work, they will often be puzzled by the phenomenon of. It is understood when receiving the user server restart request to the server, Viribright LED Bulb Brand check first to the cabinet position, and then enter the full of radiation, a large area of the room, may sometimes be careful around the room with cable, this a series of the resumption of work like a ring, each link can not be let down, like this to complete this simple resumption of work. However in some cases from the phone down will make a hurried journey without stop work, could not let their customer satisfaction.

According to the author's point of view the emergence of SAMND it can be very good to alleviate this situation occurs, can realize the remote reset operation save administrator for restart, wasted time and manpower and the server and PC cut-off time of the loss, improve network efficiency,

In addition to the author 's most interested in is SAMND remote centralized management platform " Power Deluxe ", may through this platform to realize unmanned engine room management, including the use of electrical equipment of current, voltage, temperature and humidity on the server each kind of network service time monitoring, and when the electric equipment fault alarm, unique way can be the first time to inform the user. This is a very good function, from the security aspect, Android TV remote everybody wants to know their electrical equipment safety, SAMND just help you have got one's wish, equivalent to our electrical equipment, hired a 24 hour personal " nanny ". To help the majority of electricity customers to solve more problems.

Stimulating domestic demand new engine

The first half of 2012, the national finance allowance 26500000000 yuan, for the promotion of comply with energy conservation standards of flat-panel TV, air-conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine and water heater, Globe Lamp Bulb saving energy consumption demand in new deal is expected to close 500000000000 yuan. According to the Ministry of industry and information technology statistical data shows, 2012 1 to July, China's color TV production of 68141000 units, up 7.3% over last year. Wherein, liquid crystal TV ( LCD ) achieve 57196000, grow 10.4% compared to the same period. The market demand gradually warmer, the upgrading of the industrial structure become the support estate of our country the main motive force of growth. In the upstream raw material and equipment manufacturers, the downstream machine manufacturers drive jointly below, seek the market of the "sweet spot ", contributes to the entire appliance industry bigger, stronger.

The second half of the market or to restore growth

Although the first half of the year show a downward trend, but the industry generally to 2012 home appliance market expectations. Energy subsidy policies, not only can pull move inside need, also can guide consumption to energy saving, environmental upgrades. From a long-term perspective, promote whole industry is the fundamental purpose of the introduction of new home appliances.

Beijing Yikang times market research company assistant president Peng Yu accepted in the " China Electronics News " reporter the interview said: " 2012 June, high efficiency liquid crystal TV in the whole LCD TV sales accounted for more than 14% increase; energy efficiency of variable frequency air conditioning and frequency of air-conditioning in the whole air conditioning sales ratio were also improved 24 percentage points. Home appliance manufacturers in energy-saving products ready, home appliance of new market promoting effect will appear, the second half of the market will return to growth. "

In recent years, the consumption of electrical and electronic products are increasingly emphasized the importance of energy saving, enterprises continue to increase green energy-saving technology innovation and development efforts, so that high efficiency flat panel TV, washing machine, freezer, air conditioning, LED spotlight dab8d28ck water heater products to sing leading role. Not only that, from product design to product recovery throughout the life cycle, energy saving concept win support among the people.

According to CCID data display, is expected to 2014, washing machine, refrigerator and air conditioner energy-saving products accounted for the overall proportion of products will be achieved respectively 52.7%, 78% and 81%; LCD TV and plasma TV energy-saving product proportion will achieve respectively 78% and 85%; energy saving household hot water production capacity will reach 5000000 units; energy saving gas water heater water heater accounted for the overall proportion will rise to 18.7%.

China Video Industry Association vice president Bai Weimin told the "China Electronics News " reporter's exclusive interview with said: " the audiovisual industry development there are two paths, one is the improvement of image quality, from SD to HD, Ultra HD evolution; on the other hand, is a display technology unceasing development, the transition from CRT to flat-panel intelligent, energy-saving technology during developed gradually, and lead the industry trend. "

A fight for discourse right " contest "

From the market environment, " Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period is the important stage to do large-scale electronics group. Throughout the global home appliance pattern, old Japanese manufacturing enterprises gradually, gradually quit the stage of history, Korea enterprise capacity focus shifted to mainland China, for the Chinese mainland enterprises to expand the international market to offer new opportunity.

In the domestic sales market, dweller consumption level to rise, the advantage good policy come on stage ceaselessly, LED Bulb Brand to home appliance market expansion brings good. According to the China video industry association data show, in 2012 is expected to color television production and export in 130000000 and 66000000, compared with 122310000 in 2011 and 65380000 have small growth.

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