Digital divide

For a considerable number of users, cloud computing is a rather vague concept. Cloud computing to pay transfer cost, so it has become expensive pronoun. But the rise of SaaS and for many users in surprise at the software cost becomes can bear I, feel cloud computing has become synonymous with cheap. In fact, there are two kinds of feeling of users will not consciously on cloud computing the partial generation misunderstanding.

At present, region free dvd the development of cloud computing has gradually emerged two relatively clear development way, one is in large enterprises are IaaS or PaaS level private cloud migration, another is the growth of SMEs increasingly accepted SaaS application software. But no matter what kind of forms of cloud computing migration, holding the partial generation full of misunderstanding, will give the future of IT system brings a lot of inconvenience. Especially in the hope that through this kind of SaaS software cloud claims to enhance the management level of small and medium enterprises, is losing a fill with large enterprises data gap between opportunity.

All the rich and the poor of cloud computing

Before the industrial revolution, human beings have accumulated on the coal, oil, and the physical, mechanical knowledge, and only truly large-scale use of these energy, or the energy success for conversion, realize the large-scale socialized production to create and use, that means the industrial revolution of the mature. In fact, today's information revolution also went before the half, just finished the accumulation of information, creating means and technical reserves, the next need to complete the transformation of cloud computing.

This is not actually strange. The mankind has already been stored 295EB capacity information, but if we want to be in every household save a bunch of hard disk, or even DVD discs can collect data, need to have one or even several with a lot to constantly increase or decrease of the updated software of computer, Zone Free DVD dab6d28ck to handle these information; it is impossible to eliminate the area between the digital divide. But if we change a kind of thinking, these information to realize the centralized data, and these information through such as tap water system, power system transmission of the system, for users such as water, electricity use, the digital divide has been broken and the possibility of. While we look carefully, it is not difficult to find that this is the idea of cloud computing, and type SaaS software has followed this idea was created.

In SaaS mode, small and medium enterprises without the need for large software licensing fees, users only need to hire a function corresponding to the service, need not be in addition to the personal computer and Internet connection other than the IT investment, so that enterprises will be able to have the costs to an absolute minimum, spends each account in hundreds of yuan, without regard to the server hardware maintenance, security and other professional issues. Can say, despite the original red wine to the small and medium-sized enterprise burden of total cost of ownership, SaaS software to small and medium enterprises to provide a fill with large enterprises and the digital divide between opportunity.

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