Insecticide hazard

Because pesticides have many uses, we may through many channels can be exposed to it, such as food, water and air. You can reduce your spraying pesticides.

Continued to wash: water washing all kinds of fresh fruit, water has a grinding action, however, Landscape product dab2d12ck did not dip ze. This will help eliminate the fruits, vegetables on the surface of bacteria and chemical residual debris and crevices in the dirty dirt. Continued to wash do not wash all pesticides residues.

Peeling and cutting

Cut fruit and vegetable leather can remove dirt, bacteria and pesticides, leafy vegetable waste outer leaves. Cut down on fat meat, poultry and fish skin, babyclothwear because of some pesticides residue accumulation in adipose inside.

Selection of types of food

Through a variety of ways to eat many kinds of food. This will give you a variety of nutrition and reduce your exposure to pesticides by single.

Margarine is a brew disaster harm degree such as pesticides induced disease

Hydrogenated oil, also called plant butter, margarine, oil powder. In bread, cheese, margarine, cakes and cookies and other baked goods widely used. Hydrogenated oil produces large amounts of trans fatty acids, tin manufactory increased cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other risk, countries in the world have limitations, but China is in a large-scale, unrestricted use. Experts predict that, if do not try to interfere with, or fermented food history the greatest disaster.

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