Health and longevity

We all want to health and longevity, who to ask, the most convincing is centuries old. If you find 10 centenarians asked the secret of longevity, you will get 10 answers. The first said I didn't love vegetarian, meat; second is the day to eat fat, also likes to eat salted fish bacon, blood pressure is not high; third never eat an egg every morning; fourth is 4 eggs; fifth never drink, sixth drink every day; seventh do not smoke, eighth day two packets of smoking; Ninth early to bed and early to rise, tenth to late.

Centenarians are strange, who go to bed early, some late hours; some say he does not eat meat, there are people who love tea. Life style and habits of a wide variety, 100 centenarians there are 100 ways to live. But all centenarians have reishi sealand in common is that the good state of mind.

Health is important for health, mood, you can eat Shuxin, also eat healthy. These centenarians are open-minded, easy-going, kind-hearted, who is small-minded, grumpy, any. Because the narrow-minded bad-tempered fifty or sixty years earlier, a furious.

As long as you are a good attitude to take medicine on time, even if there are hypertension, diabetes or jinianping coronary heart disease does not matter, you can live to more than ninety; instead, coronary heart disease, diabetes mellitus without hypertension, can be a bad attitude, love hard, love angry, too will die sooner.

So the health one hundred old enough, have happy one hundred years. Happy every day, the sun is a new day, everyday is good, living every day full.

White-collar workers are busy, looking at a computer all day, cervical spondylosis, scapulohumeral periarthritis and pain in waist and legs with long time maintain a fixed action, remember the phrase " deep breathing, squat, ten ten to the theatre ".

Healthy is the price, you fall ill will spend large medical expenses, now the country advocates the construction of a conservation-oriented society, health is to save. If everybody can guarantee their health, not to go to the hospital, do not enter the pharmacy, this is to save money.

A focus on the health of middle-aged people, death, the loss is only the tip of the iceberg, but also affected at least 10 people close to, Promotion gifts 2012 or even incalculable consequences. I used this word transfer the meaning of health: healthy and happy at the age of 100, have a good mood every day, 60 with no previous disease, healthy retired, 80 previously not aging, easily at the age of 100, they suffer less, children less involved, save medical expenses, the benefit of the whole society!

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