This is the principle of fluorescent

Fluorescent tube is filled with the low-pressure boxargon gas or an argon-neon mixed gas and mercury vapor, and the inside surface of the glass of the fluorescent tube, is coated with a layer of phosphorus fluorescent paint, at both ends of danna520the lamp has a filament made of tungstencoil. When the power is turned on, the current through the filament heating and the release of the electron, the electron will pipe the gas into a plasma (plasma), and to make the tube current to increase, the lamp began to produce betweenlaodie20 the two sets of filament voltage exceeds a certain value discharge, the mercury vapor release a 253.7nm and 185nm wavelengths of ultraviolet light, the phosphorus on the surface of the inside of the fluorescent tube fluorescent paint will absorb ultraviolet light, and the release ofbox the longer wavelengths of visible light.

The color of light is controlled by the proportion of the phosphorus composition, the glass tube is to avoid the harmful ultraviolet rays and other harmful substances such as mercury leak out.

The discharge current of the fluorescent tube and the conduction resistance between a positive feedback relationship: when morelaoma20 current flows into the fluorescent tube so that more gas is ionized, so that the conduction resistance within the tube to continue to reduce, and so would cause more current into the fluorescent tube. If the fluorescent tube connected directly to a fixed voltage power supply, the fluorescent tube will rise due to the current and soon to be burned, an auxiliary circuit therefore need to control the current into the fluorescent tube at a fixed level, while the current control circuit is usually called ballast.

Ballast is actually an inductor, when the conduction resistance to a very low, fixed ballast inductance and copper consumption approximates the given value, the conduction current to begin to stabilize work.

Traditional ballast required with small components to the pressure difference between the filament to the extent sufficient to discharge the fluorescent tube called a starter (Starter, commonly known as "Topstar he", "jump bubble"), the latest electronic ballast No starter, start the work has been included in the ballast.

Display characteristics

1, using the most advanced international 65536 ( 16bit ) gray scale control technology, completely solve the full-color display in the low gray scale display when the mosaic phenomenon, so that the displayed image natural transition, delicate, bright colors, PLC Lamp the full realization of video source of truth.

In 2, the display contrast to 6400:1, so that the displayed image hierarchy, overcomes the full-color display by luminance changes impact.

In 3, the display color can achieve 281.5 trillion, fully meet the various advanced video source input requirements, can display the perfect color.

4, the virtual pixel display, the display size under the same circumstances, than ordinary LED display resolution is increased by 4 times, so that the Dimmer Switch dab5d58ck display can display the incomparable fine image.

In 5, the drive plate gray scale control technology, the nonlinear correction function integrated into the drive plate chip, using 65536 ( 16bit ) gray scale correction technology, greatly improving the data transmission rate, and improve the system stability, nonlinear correction way to drive LED tube, so that LED display screen adaptation of human nonlinear demand, thus showing was born vivid video screen, online.upspowermanufacturer.com the image more stable.

6, using Gigabit wire transmission technology and board level gray processing technology, so that the data transmission speed is greatly improved, so the 8 display scanning frequency can reach 1200Hz, eliminates the LED screen flicker phenomenon, eliminate the fatigue of the human eye viewing, the maximum to meet the needs of digital equipment.

7, using a constant current driving circuit, ensure the LED luminous tube is stable, reliable, and extension of the LED luminous tube service life, but also ensures that the LED luminous tube luminance uniformity.

8, through the software implementation on the LED display the entire screen and each unit module brightness, contrast adjustment, google tv remote with memory function, ensure the display brightness of the entire screen consistency.

9, using point-by-point brightness control technology, can ensure the uniformity of LED display screen, the screen after several years running, LED LED brightness will appear in varying degrees of attenuation, using point-by-point brightness adjustment technology takes only two hours to let the screen back to the factory when the homogeneous state.

10, the system redundant technology, can realize the system scan controller with two-way data transmission, wherein a scan controller is damaged or level wiring fault does not affect the whole screen display.

lowest energy efficient lighting

Leds are affect the environment of the lowest energy efficient lighting

The United States department of energy (DOE) of a new report points out, the important significance of LED lighting is BaiZhi bulb and than, the environmental influence inferior and slight super fluorescent lamps (CFLs).

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