The interviewee said is a lie

The interviewee said is a lie? Very likely.
In this kind of lie, the interviewer can capture several suspicious semantic information, the information in the lie in temporary contact, but the contact conditions are violated some common sense, and can see that the false. Analysis to contact, language environment, the social environment and the general law and similar things lie these suspicious point analog control, it is easy to make the false show. Social category and the general law and the lie of doubtful points often consists of two contradictory premises, and can launch a false conclusion that lie. For example, in this case the interviewer is a graduate with outstanding performance during the internship and let the boss promised monthly pay ten thousand and vice president of production executive positions, but for every Chinese enterprises, especially private enterprises, a monthly salary of ten thousand and deputy general manager has means have much responsibility to bear, and the as one does not have any work experience graduates, get that chance possibility is almost impossible.

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