block evil change evil spirit

Plants and screens can also block evil change evil spirit
All block evil Meshach items, plants and screen is that everyone can use; other things, like Bagua mirror, bells, saline, break paper and swords, due to a more professional, and some things with superstitious color in it, therefore,company formation I am here to encourage people the use of.

However, plant selection, please use the broad-leaved green plants, other colors or small leaves or vines kind plant, not only can help you stop to not good magnetic field, by mistake, but will have the opposite effect.

Screen selection, the first heavy material; the best is the choice of wooden screens, including bamboo screen and a paper screen, are wooden screens. Plastic and metal screen effect is relatively poor, especially metal screen, its magnetic field is not stable, but also interferes with the magnetic field of the human body, less for the miao!

Furthermore, the screen height is not too high, should not be higher than the average person standing height; otherwise, the too high screen postural instability, but it is easy to be oppressive, virtually caused by using the psychological burden.

Plants and screen, can be used in the following cases:
A potted septum. Bad, if you seat in front or side just has toilet, the toilet seat and between, put some broad-leaved large potted,operable partition it can suck out from toilet stench (similar to air purifier function), but can also block out the bad field; however, this strain special suction gas plant is preferably a few months for a time ( and regular cleaning air conditioner filter. ); otherwise, will every few months and let it out to the ventilation ( photosynthesis ), it will not let the plant more and more dirty, spit is no longer clean gas, but let you have been abusive.

Two. Use screen every ceremony of minister, whether you are a general officer or senior supervisor, seats facing the boss room, preferably using large leafy potted block in the middle, inappropriate use of screens, otherwise, your relationship with your boss will be screen completely isolated.

Seat three. Front is facing someone, the person is to punch, the best among the two people on a small pot or some files or something; make sure! Can no longer be placed sharp or metal things, operable wall otherwise and the other red evil forces will be stronger, mutual magnetic interference can be heavier.

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