Begin from the detail

Begin from the detail, let you of the wedding,such as flower, bloom
Romantic wedding, like the royal feast of life.In this happy moment, is a leading role of you, absolutely expect to be perfect.Is a luxurious assembly hall?Special style?Or simple Jian Yue?Ten thousand sort romantic feelings, always have a kind of suitable you.Love knot to teach you some small account to strive for, begin from the detail, let you of the wedding,such as flower, bloom.
The cutlery shows noblecheap wedding dresses

The guests sit on the chair of metal enamel leather, use a blinking knife and fork to enjoy food and raise the radiant and extremely keen champagne glass mutual celebration.For an of the wedding banquet of many upscale way procedure to say, fashionable service can make it increase a color not a few.Consider detail more, make the dining table more comfortable, construct elegant atmosphere.Can even in the center put a silver quality white wax candlestick in the dining table, around match with the white fresh flowers, print to make menu with white ink on the black card.

Garland expression romance

According to the ancient old custom of Europe, garland at wedding eve is drawn up by the bride's friend but become and symbolize intelligence, love and loyalty.In China, the garland is hanged in the admissive place of wedding banquet place, imitating the Buddha is the host's smiling face and mean for welcoming guest.The powder color, purple color and red are surrounded by the one green and weave into romantic affectionate garland and bring wedding banquet classic pastoral breathingcheap women's shoes

The ocean decorates a construction romance

The ocean is romantic and mysterious and always make person's absolute being gone toward.Use the wedding that the oceanic blue packs some oneself, unique but full of wit and humour.In addition to blue, marine life the adornment is also an embellishing of ocean wedding indispensability.In the label everywhere, the passage piecemeal scatters of starfish, shell, the person can not help recalling the wonderful career that picks up in the seaside since the childhood years.

The chocolate informs sweet

Still remember Juliet ·star than the promise Shi of movie 《chocolate 》 ?This film related a romantic but moving love story.Yi Anne whom the Juliet plays conducts a chocolate store and bringing people is delicious, besides which, , also have more care and love ……the fanciful bride can also personally create being full of of some different shapeses kid's interest of chocolate, shares together with guest, let you of the loves heartily melt sweet win at fashion jewelry

The photograph label arrives a book to transfer guest

Make use of the New appointee former softhearted photograph, print in the label to get to book up, make the wish words of the guests come to witness you all the way concomitant sweet love.Or the New appointee invite a photographer to on the spot use a treasure beautiful come to take photo for guest, make the guest left benedictory words on the photograph.

The Qiao is shown elegance with the country style

In addition to the color fresh gorgeous fresh flowers, can also choose some green herbses to embellish on the dining table, construct delightfully fresh atmosphere.The table cloth of country style can give a person at will of felling.Adopt simple and honest Africa to arrange flowers corpus, the idea is with each other expressing newly married couple to respectfully love one another and stand in no fear of difficulties.

The yarn drapery faces a guest card lightly the dance float in the sky

Facing the guest card is a wedding of first appear, the of course not can be the least bit careless, and need fanciful.Adopt the light and soft yarn drapery adornment faces a guest card, can construct the dreamlike felling that the light dance floats in the sky.If is an outdoor wedding, so delightfully fresh of 100 color yarn the drapery and jade-green flower material match, green pasture fairy felling of the Zong calmly but.If is the wedding of early summer, the very thick yarn Man pileds together and pluses the small chemical element like the starfish, shell, the blue sky blue sea also arises spontaneously.wholesale fashion jewellery

Give musical performance to promote atmosphere on the scene

The spot music band is the magic weapon that constructs wedding atmosphere.In the floating melody voice, the bandsman of experienced profession presents only beautiful happy movement, the romantic infection letting the spot is each guest.The advantage that gives musical performance on the scene in addition to choose the special feature that melody can also request the bandsmans the procedure that matches with a wedding banquet to give musical performance and arrange in order melody outside, make wedding banquet even and add everyone according to the favour of New appointee.Some New appointees are also will invite a bandsman to give musical performance he or she likes of melody, make music composed before many guests you of love story, set off by contrast atmosphere.led home lighting

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